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Kushan Empire modern day countryA
Robert the Bruce 1314 victoryB
Roman Emperor from 306 - 337C
___________ of IndependenceD
Desert Fox general*E
California gold rushers (hyphenated)F
1942-1943 Pacific island offensiveG
Greek physician from KosH
Gregory IX heresy tribunalI
Third wife of Henry VIII*J
Russian general and gun inventorK
Dr ___________ I presumeL
British admiral murdered by the IRAM
The Lady with the LampN
First nuclear weapon physicist O
US naval base attacked on Dec 7, 1941*P
Imperial rulers of China 1644 - 1912*Q
14th–16th century revivalist periodR
Eurasian socialist state 1922 - 1991*S
Egyptian boy kingT
First Mongolian capital cityU
Chancellor of Germany 1871 - 1890*V
Lincoln's assassin*W
One who made woodcuts e.g. DurerX
World's oldest National ParkY
6th century Mahayana religious movement*Z

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