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Collection of islands in a seaA
Queensland's Great coral system (two words)B
Seat of government of a country (two words)C
Former capital of Tanzania (three words)D
Ones surroundings or conditionsE
Often sodden areas adjacent to streams ...F
Arizona steep-sided gorge (two words)G
New Jersey/New York waterwayH
Rock that won't let fluid pass through itI
9th largest Tennessee municipality (two words)J
Capital of Malaysia (two words)K
Rigid, outermost shell of the earthL
U.S. stateM
European countryN
Largest city of Burkina FasoO
Famous artificial 48-mile waterway (two words)P
Places in isolation (after travel)Q
London's main waterway (two words)R
One of three major rock typesS
Map type depicting terrain relief T
Mongolia's capital and largest cityU
World's smallest country (two words)V
London Abbey: UNESCO World Heritage siteW
Waterway called 'China's Sorrow' (two words)Y
Small organisms found in aquatic ecosystemsZ

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