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Can you name the eleven-letter gaming words?

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Risk territory (Asia)A
Operation Piece (two words)B
Clue(do) weapon C
Dante/Vergil video game (three words)D
1960s mechanical drawing toy E
Monopoly corner square (two-words)F
Racing video games abbreviated GTG
Fruity board game: __ __! ______-_H
Dungeons and Dragons character classI
Beat, Gum and Tab rollerbladers gameJ
________ ___ EchidnaK
_______ ____ & Largest Army (Catan)L
MCPON John-117: Halo protagonistM
2006 video game console (two words)N
Star Wars: Knights of the ___ ________O
1994 Sony video game consoleP
Chess piece (QB) or Chess pieces!Q
Historic game: The Battle of the NumbersR
Mentally ___________ diversionsS
Most popular poker typeT
Scotland Yard (game) mode of transportU
Is the Pope Catholic!?! countryV
Original monopoly board tokenW
____: _______ Princess (VU Games)X
Twister colors: ______, _____, blue & redY
Protagonist in Tales of SymphoniaZ

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