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Chicago musical songA**
BBL acronym meaningB**
Famous person's well-known sayingC
Fred Jones' girlfriend (Scooby-Doo)D*
Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Seinfeld characterE*
Dave Grohl rock bandF*
Notable award for excellence in film and TVG*
Henrik Ibsen playH*
Bob, Helen Parr and kidsI
JAS acronym meaningJ**
Keeping Up With the ___________K
Warner Brothers cartoon shortsL*
Walt Disney's official mascotM*
Homer Simpson's neighborN*
1999 Livingston/Aniston movieO*
Artist: Two Tahitian WomenP*
Marvel Comics superheroQ
Buffy Summers' mentorR*
What SpongeBob wearsS*
Hanna–Barbera cat and mouseT**
2010 Washington/Pine movieU
Brown Eyed Girl singerV*
Wilde play: Lady ___________ FanW
_-___ _______: WolverineX*
Gunslinging Looney Tunes prospectorY*
The ___ _____ ___ Other Plays (Albee)Z**

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