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Can you name the 1160s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Ramjbam & his family reach ____, PalestineA
Willem I the ___ of SicilyB
Thomas Becket: Archbishop of __________C
Egyptian empire is resurrected for ten ____D
The 1169 Sicilian __________E
_________ I, Holy Roman EmperorF
Sixth _____ Master of the Knights TemplarG
_________ hits villages in Holland/FrieslandH
Victor IV: _______ antipope I
Heiji Rebellion continues in _____J
_____ Henry II of EnglandK
Italian towns form Lombardi ______L
_______ IV of ScotlandM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Jean Bodels 'Jeu de Saint ________'N
____ II of Norway is canonizedO
Notre Dame Cathedral, _____P
Constance of Castile, _____ of FranceQ
Pope Alexander III enters _____R
Erik of ______S
Council of _____, FranceT
Saladin's _____ (Shirkuh) diesU
Republic of ______V
Owain Gwynedd recognized as ruler of ____W
Emperor ________X
Battle of Caishi on the _______ RiverY
Dahui Zonggao, Chinese ___ Buddhist monkZ

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