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Can you name the 1150s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
English pope ______ IVA
Robert of Chichester becomes ______ of ExeterB
Khmer (present-day ________)C
_____ I of ScotlandD
Stephen of _______E
Margaret of ______F
________ Plantagenet conquered NormandyG
Eleanor of Aquitaine marries _____ of Anjou H
Diocese of Derry founded in _______I
Emperor Go-Shirakawa of _____J
____ Henry IIK
Rinteln, _____ Saxony, GermanyL
The Empress _______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Nidaros (Trondheim), ______N
The Carmelite _____O
British _____ SterlingP
___ Hui, Song DynastyQ
The ________ of GenoaR
University of Paris (The ________)S
_______, capital of EstoniaT
Herman van Horn bishop of _______U
_________ II of BohemiaV
Angkor ___ completedW
Emperor ______ of JinX
Bolton Abbey, North _________Y
Nur ad-Din _____Z

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