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Can you name the 110s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
____ of Trajan (Arco di Traiano) erectedA
John I seventh ______ of JerusalemB
Ctesiphon the _______ city of ParthiaC
On his _____ bed, Trajan adopts HadrianD
__________ destroys AntiochE
_____ of Trajan is constructedF
Roman army conquer the Persian ____G
Chinese Eastern ___ DynastyH
Trajan_______ southern MesopotamiaI
Gaius ______ Cassius SteirieusJ
____ Pasa ruler of KoreaK
_____ XXII Deiotariana L
Rome's population exceeds one _______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Salonina Matidia (_____ of Trajan)N
Parthians greets Trajan with _____ branchesO
_____ the YoungerP
_______ Marcius TurboQ
Roman Empire has 47,000 miles of _____R
______ content of denarius falls to 87%S
Pantheon (meaning ______ of every God)T
Basilica _____ is dedicatedU
Hadrian makes a _____ to BritainniaV
The Second Dacian ___W
Duan __X
Eboracum (____) Garrison massacred, BritanniaY
Saint _________ of JerusalemZ

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