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Can you name the 10s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
21 kilometers Aqua Virgo ________A
______ built across the Rhine near BonnB
______ AugustusC
Roman poet Virgil ____D
Noricum incorporated into the Roman ______E
The ____ tribes of the YuezhiF
Drusus is made governor of ____G
______'s Comet makes an appearanceH
The Noricans and Pannonians ______ HistriaI
Lex _____ (Julian Law)J
____ Azes IIK
Roman triremes on ____ ConstanceL
Augustus given title Pontifex _______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Tiberius Claudius ____N
Battle __ the Lupia RiverO
Ara Pacis Augustae (Altar of Augustan _____)P
______ Aelius TuberoQ
______ in Thrace against Roman ruleR
Chur in the alps (modern-day ___________)S
______ of Maison Carrée builtT
Pyramid of Cestius _____ constructionU
______ becomes a frontier city (Vindobona)V
Empress ____ of ChinaW
Legio _ FretensisX
Julia the _______Y
____ Feiyan and ____ Hede Z

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