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Calista Flockhart TV show (two words)A
Rowan Atkinson TV showB
Happy Days familyC
Kojak, Columbo and FletcherD
U.S. Sherlock Holmes showE
Steve Harvey hosts this quiz (two words)F
Dukes of Hazzard car (two words)G
Desperate __________H
Nickelodeon cartoon alien (two words)I
Star Trek captain: _____ _ ____J
Khloé or KimK
Six Feet Under U.S. city (two words)L
Kermit, Miss Piggy series (two words)M
Judge Stone preside here (two words)N
Timmy Turner toon: The Fairly __________O
TV show or Rhode Island cityP
Gold Coast Medical's Australian stateQ
Nick Offerman character (two words)R
Teenage Clark Kent showS
Monty Python member (two words)T
__________ BossU
Reality show: __________ RulesV
Bugs Bunny catchphrase (three words)W
Warrior Princess and daughter (three words)X
Fred Flintstone: _____ _____ Doo!Y
Steve and Terri Irwin, Jack Hanna ...Z

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