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Belgian soccer team also known as RSCAA
Game created by James NaismithB
For extra points in rugby or U.S. footballC
Declare (someone) ineligible for competitionD
Equatorial Guinea swimmer nickname (3-words)E
Illumination for outdoor sports arena F
Sport involving bars, beam, floor ...G
Carolina NHL teamH
Pastime spent at a rink (hyphenated)I
English 2013 U.S. Open golf winner (2-words)J
Martial art that uses bare feet (2-words)K
U.S. 1980 Winter Olympics venue (2-words)L
Penultimate moment in tennis game (2-words)M
A key position on the defensive line (2-words)N
Player positioned beyond the diamondO
Sport involving five disciplinesP
______ ____ Rangers FC (2-words)Q
Six Nations ball sport (2-words)R
Tony Hawk's method of transportS
Athletic field event (2-words)T
Where scuba diving takes placeU
Team game involving hitters or spikersV
Redskins, Nationals, Wizards or CapitalsW
Wudang style of martial arts (3-words)X
Monica Seles represented this former countryY
Henrik __________: Detroit Red WingsZ

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