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Greek scientist of 'Eureka!' fameA
They're made when stars collapse (two words)B
Strand of DNA encoded with genesC
Silvery-white metal atomic number 66D
Sudden violent shaking of the groundE
Scale of temperatureF
Gases that absorb infrared radiation (IR) G
Scientific supposition or proposed explanationH
Material(s) used to stop heat lossI
Hare found on North American prairiesJ
Disc-shaped region containing Pluto (two words)K
Type of white blood cell (B cell and T cell)L
Optical instrument for viewing small objectsM
Basic structural unit of DNAN
Second period of the Palaeozoic eraO
Greek right-angled triangle theoristP
Muscle at the front of the thighQ
Bending of a ray (of light)R
Treatment and disposal of sewageS
Engineering or applied sciencesT
Oganesson's former nameU
Organism with a backboneV
Large fruit with hard green or white rindW
Suffering from fear of strangersX
Information equal to 1024 zebibytesY
Relating to animals or animal groupsZ

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