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Four Horsemen of the __________A
Nebuchadnezzar II's nationalityB
Where Thomas Becket was killedC
Magical foretelling of the futureD
St. John the __________E
Ancient patriarch such as Abraham or JacobF
Garden at foot of the Mount of OlivesG
Shout or song of praise to GodH
Like the Virgin Mary's ConceptionI
Six-pointed symbol of Judaism (two words)J
Monarch of Judah and son of Amon (two words)K
Jesus' final meal with his disciples (two words)L
Descendant of Adam who lived to be 969M
Conjuration of the spirits of the deadN
Having unlimited power (of a deity)O
Follower of the principles of the ReformationP
Dangerous natural hazards (Greater Sytis*)Q
Last book of the BibleR
Baptism, Confession, Confirmation, Marriage ...S
The Old and the New (covenants)T
Hades ruled this realmU
Feeling of awe, and respect; reverenceV
Jehovah's Witnesses' religious magazineW
Aztec god: the 'Prince of Flowers' X
Two principles of Chinese philosophyY
Builder of the second Temple at JerusalemZ

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