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Moderately fast tempoA
Homer Simpson quartet style of singingB
Karen and her brother RichardC
The 'Thin White Duke' (two words)D
Annie Lennox groupE
Eddi Reader and the __________ AttractionF
Shirley Bassey's James Bond songG
Motörhead genre of rock music (two words)H
Instrumental movement in an opera I
The 'Godfather of Soul' (two words)J
Timpani instrumentK
Come on baby, do the __________L
Part of the trumpet that is blownM
How You Remind Me rock groupN
Michael Jackson 1979 album (three words)O
Orchestra sectionP
Music for (and) dances for four couplesQ
Beatles 1965 album (two words)R
The Rite of Spring composerS
Can't Stop the Feeling singerT
Diana Ross #1 (two words)U
Musical instrument resembling marimbaV
Here I Go Again bandW
Orchestral instrumentsX
All Those __________: Pearl JamY
RHCP* single: The ______ ____ (two words)Z

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