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1998 Bruce Willis disaster movieA
You're gonna need a ______ ____ (Jaws)B*
20th (or 21st) _______ ___ (studio)C*
Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? (Movie)D*
David Lynch's debut movieE
Michael (X‑Men: First Class)F
Bond movieG
Die Hard main antagonistH*
1939 Ingrid Bergman classicI
Marion Crane actress in PsychoJ*
____ ______ and Coronets K*
Star Wars princessL*
Fritz Lang epic science-fiction movieM
______ ____ Baby in a cornerN*
Disney: ___ _______ and One DalmatiansO*
Steve Martin 1989 comedy-dramaP
__________ and the PitQ
Italian movie director: RobertoR
1945 Alfred Hitchcock thrillerS
Sarah Connor's nemesis: The ...T
1993 Best PictureU
1952 Marlon Brando biographic movieV*
Wallace & Gromit's 2005 foe (hypenated)W
___:_____ __ the Union X*
Actor: The King and IY*
Romeo and Juliet (1968) director: FrancoZ

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