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Bluish-green variety of berylA
Most populous city in AlabamaB
Shakespearean tragedyC
Indigenous Australian wind instrumentD
34th U.S. President E
__________ ... What a FeelingF
Blue-veined cheese originating Milan areaG
Breaking Bad scientistH
Descendants of the patriarch JacobI
Fanatically patrioticJ
World's ninth-biggest countryK
Capital city of GabonL
Sleeping Beauty villainM
Edward Hopper's most famous workN
Percy Shelley poemO
Capital city of SurinameP
Resembling a clover leafQ
Large dog originating from GermanyR
Great Depression thoroughbred racehorseS
Person who lives in a caveT
Asian countryU
Summer Olympics sportV
First American presidentW
Fear of foreigners or strangersX
Synonym for juvenilesY
Italian dessert made with egg yolksZ

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