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Titus __________A
Book that has sold in very large numbersB
Earnshaw, Morland and BennetC
Headmaster of HogwartsD
Edith Wharton novel (two words)E
The Great Gatsby authorF
The Three Bears visitorG
Wuthering Heights characterH
James Bond author (two words)I
The ______ ____: Rudyard Kipling (two words)J
Malory's legendary monarch (two words)K
The Song of Hiawatha poetL
Novel by Victor Hugo: Les __________M
Factual prose writing (hyphenated)N
The Picture of Dorian Gray author (two words)O
Novel by Jane AustenP
Words taken from a text and repeatedQ
The __________ at the End of the Universe R
Canadian-American writer: Herzog (two words)S
Tweedledee's partnerT
1997 Don DeLillo novelU
Protagonist in Stoker's Dracula (two words)V
English Romantic poet: I wandered lonely ...W
Greek philosopher and poet c.570-475 BCEX
What YA stands for in YA Lit (two words)Y
White Teeth author (two words)Z

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