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Punctuation used to indicate letter omission A
Bengali is this county's official languageB
C.V. - __________ VitaeC
Letters such as g, j, y or pD
'Quaker Heat' anagramE
Metaphorical (and not literal)F
US spelling of gynaecologyG
Antonym of verticalH
Language sometimes called BahasaI
Profession of writing for newspapersJ
Word (plural) containing ee, nn and ssK
Relating to language or languagesL
Word always Misspelled in the dictionaryM
Los Angeles Times and New York PostN
Word meaning all-knowing or all-seeingO
'Madam, I'm Adam' for example P
Words taken from original text or speechQ
Animal literally Greek for 'nose-horned' R
Verbal error e.g. 'Nicking your pose'S
Mechanical device for printing charactersT
Draw line beneath a word for emphasisU
Native or indigenous (of language)V
English poet (born 1770) with apt nameW
Fear of foreigners or strangersX
Second person, plural of yourselfY
Relating to, or concerned with animalsZ

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