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Comedienne: Inside ___ _______A
Groundhog Day actor (full name)B
Discomfort from eating/drinking too muchC
Pongo and Perdita (and 99 more)D
Curb Your __________ (TV comedy)E
Futurama ProfessorF
Basil: 'The _____ _____ Detective'G
Extremely funny (or very frightened)H
Subtle, suggestive (often rude) commentsI
Dean Martin's comedy partner (full name)J
Rabbi Hyman's surname (The Simpsons)K
Sci-fi Comedy: ______ ____ of HorrorsL
Marx, Chaplin and Dali had famous onesM
Frasier's neurotic, younger brother (full name)N
King Louie and ClydeO
Sport mentioned in A. A. Milne booksP
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Parks and __________ (TV comedy)R
'I'll Have What ____ ______'S
Tweedledee's brotherT
'__ ____ ____ with a rubber hoseU
Entertainment: burlesque comedy, music ...V
Dick Dastardly and Muttley TV seriesW
Idiophone instruments X
How I Met ____ ______ (TV comedy)Y
Woody Harrelson comedy horror movieZ

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