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Taking up of the Virgin Mary into Heaven A
Evening celebration of Scotland's national poetB*
Buddy the Elf food groupC*
__ ____ ____ It's Christmas time at all (song)D*
Chocolate or decorated hard-boiled giftsE*
Personification of the previous year F*
Day commemorating crucifixion of JesusG*
1942 Fred Astaire Christmas movieH*
Feast of the __________ ConceptionI
Abolition of slavery in Texas dayJ
August 31 is this country's Independence DayK
Día de ___ _______ (Day of the Dead)L*
Celebration honoring maternal bondsM*
Tchaikovsky two-act ballet or shell openerN
_ ____ _ ____, Emmanuel (hymn)O*
Beginning of Holy WeekP*
Australian state that celebrates on 6th June Q
_______ ___ Red-nosed ReindeerR*
Alternative name for St. NicholasS*
Traditional length of Christmas seasonT*
__________ the Tree (Kelly Clarkson)U
Saint __________ Day: February 14thV
3rd Monday in February celebrates his BirthdayW
December the 25th main mealX*
_____ _ ____ One, Mr Grinch (song)Y*
Companion of Saint Nicholas (Low countries)Z*

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