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Second wife of Henry VIII*A
How Pirate Edward Teach was better knownB
Heliocentric model of solar system astronomerC
Roman emperor from 284 to 305D
He founded first Norse settlement in Greenland*E
Stylized lily historically associated with royalty*F
American Civil War major battleG
1937 passenger airship disasterH
Revolution with work being done by machinesI
Outlaw killed by Robert Ford*J
Soviet Union leader 1955-1964K
US city: scene of 1992 riots*L
President of France from 1981 to 1995M
Country of birth of Edmund Hillary*N
5th–6th century tribe: conquerors of ItalyO
Greek philosopher born in SamosP
Philippine capital from 1948 - 1976*Q
German Foreign Minister 1938 - 1945R
Neolithic monument in Wiltshire, EnglandS
Historical state that merged with ZanzibarT
Country which became independent in 1991U
Where treaty ending World War I was signedV
He defeated Napoleon at WaterlooW
Platonic Academy leader and pupil of PlatoX
Country ruled by Marshal TitoY
Mexican insurgent group formed in 1990sZ

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