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Gaseous mass surrounding the earthA
Second largest city in the UKB
U.S. stateC
Capital city of North Rhine-WestphaliaD
Sudden violent shaking of the groundE
Ponds, lakes or streams (not seas and oceans)F
North Carolina's third-largest cityG
Second largest island in the CaribbeanH
Côte d’Ivoire's alternative name (two words)I
Liberty State Park location (two words)J
Bishkek is the capital of this countryK
Country having no access to the seaL
Mountain of the Alps (4,478 m)M
Country bordering Sea of Japan (two words)N
Capital and largest city of ArubaO
Number of people in given areaP
Australian stateQ
Fourth-largest city in PakistanR
Stalagmite's partnerS
African Great LakeT
Burkina Faso's former name (two words)U
Chile's third largest cityV
Natural breakdown of rocksW
Term for drought resistant plantsX
Former country in Southeast EuropeY
Native of HarareZ

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