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Campbell's Soup Cans pop artist (two-words)A
Artist: The Birth of VenusB
Prokofiev musical or Disney classicC
SKG animation studioD
Provides (someone) with amusementE
Jennifer Beals romantic drama F
Martin Scorsese crime movieG
Animated cat or Brontë romantic heroH
Short piece of music or Ingrid Bergman movieI
1974 disaster movie or Marvel supervillainJ
The Taming of the Shrew musical (three-words)K
Friends actress (two-words)L
The 'Mis' in Les MisM
Blithe Spirit playwright (two-words)N
Instrumental ensembles led by conductorsO
Instruments played by striking or shakingP
Panel show questioner or adept SporclerQ
1980 Scorsese boxing classic (two-words)R
Musical accompaniment of a filmS
Justin: singer-songwriterT
Play by Anton Chekhov (two-words)U
Das Auto slogan companyV
'Big Eight' US movie studio (two-words)W
Art of engraving on woodX
_____ _____ Walk Alone: Carousel (two-words)Y
2009 Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone movieZ

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