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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Roman ____ reaches 300,000 soldiersA
Second ______ of Tapae is foughtB
Earliest surviving use of term 'Catholic ______'C
Bagan founded (present-___ Myanmar)D
Lions become _______ in the BalkansE
____ breaks out in RomeF
Quietus: _______ of Roman Britain G
'Doctor's offices' replace '_____ calls' in RomeH
Kama sutra first compiled in _____I
____ the Apostle diesJ
____ Pacorus II of ParthiaK
____ year of yongyuan era L
Shang Di (barely 3 ______ old) enthronedM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Paper made from bark, hemp, rags and fishing ____N
Alcántara Bridge built ____ the Tagus RiverO
____ Clement IP
Liu ____, Chinese princeQ
Buddhist ________ introduced into IndonesiaR
A _____ bridge is built across the DanubeS
Pannonia divided into ___ provinces T
Sugar in _____ seen as a sign of illnessU
___ Traiana road is constructedV
Epictetus ______ and publishes The DiscoursesW
Legio _ Gemina moves to ViennaX
Pliny the _______Y
Chinese eunoch Zheng _____Z

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