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Initials & YearScientistClue
NC 1473-1543Model of The Universe
DM 1834-1907Periodic Table
IN 1642-1727Laws of Motion
MC 1867-1934Radioactivity
A 287BC-212BCScrew
GG 1564-1642Four Jovian Moons
RH 1635-1703F = -kX
AL 1743-1794Combustion
JCM 1831-1879Electromagnetism
NB 1885-1962Nuclear Model
ES 1887-1961Wave Equation
PD 1902-1984Antimatter
RF 1920-1958DNA
RF 1918-1988Quantum Electrodynamics
AA 1776-18566.02E23
Initials & YearScientistClue
LB 1844-1906k = pV/NT
ER 1871-1937Gold Foil Experiment
AMA 1775-1836Current
GO 1789-1854Resistance
CFG 1777-1855Magnetic Field
AE 1879-1955Photoelectric Effect
HC 1731-1810Hydrogen
HD 1778-1829Alkali & Alkaline Earth Metals
JK 1571-1630Laws of Planetary Motion
MF 1791-1867Electromagnetic Induction
MP 1858-19476.63E-34
WH 1901-1976Uncertainty Principle
NT 1856-1943Alternating Current
JPJ 1818-1889Energy
SC 1910-1995Black Holes

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