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Do you find Sporcle addicting?
Have you ever used Google or any other site to help you on a quiz?
Have you ever looked at the comments on a quiz to find answers?
Do you have more than one Sporcle account?
Have you ever voted down a MovieDynamic comment just because it was MovieDynamic?
Have you ever advertised your quiz on somebody else's quiz?
Have you ever voted down a game just because you didn't like the topic, even if it was a perfectly good quiz?
Have you ever pulled a Detektor (made a comment, saw that is was going to get voted down, and quickly erased comment)?
Do you ever fear that Sporcle will go too far mainstream?
Do you ever get annoyed when somebody makes a comment about Kyrgyzstan being on every quiz?
Have you ever voted down a quiz just to make your quiz look better?
Have you ever questioned Sporcle's decision to publish a quiz?
Have you ever stolen an idea for a quiz from somebody else?
Do you ever get angry because Sporcle restricts the number of quizzes you can contribute each month?
Have you ever down-voted every comment on the list because someone voted your comment down?
Have you ever questioned the teachings of the Mormon church?
Did you lie at all on this quiz?

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Created Feb 22, 2010ReportNominate
Tags:Sporcle Quiz, apply, honesty, updated

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