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Which Young Ones character said each quote? (M)ike, (N)eil, (R)ick, (V)yvyan, or (O)ther

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Quote(M)ike (N)eil (R)ick (V)yvyan (O)ther
If anybody gets attacked by the vampire, then we'll know that they're a sissy virgin. (God, I hope snogging with SPG counts)
[Where's your license?] As the eunuch said to Mussolini, 'I haven't got one, and if I did, I wouldn't show it to you!'
Dust off the duvet, lads. I'll handle this.
Don't blame me, I didn't cook it.
This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence.
We can do just exactly whatever we want to do! And you know why? Because we're Young Ones. Bachelor boys! Crazy, mad, wild-eyed, big-bottomed anarchists!
Hi, girls! Do you want to see how many press-ups I can do?
Darling Fascist Bullyboy, Give me some more money, you bastard. May the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman.
Strange things keep happening... Furniture keeps disappearing. Plates keep moving about. The table is shrinking. And last night, I found my guitar on the fire.
That's a really negative way to kill yourself... I've tried it, hundreds of times. There's no way you can hammer in the last nail.
No one ever says my name.
It is proved that ants are highly intelligent, with a well-ordered society. The last thing they'd go to would be discos.
Hands up! Who likes me?
This world is like a burnt steak. Small, tough, and the chips are always stacked against you.
[you never told us your mother was a bartender] --Well, she was a shoplifter when I knew her.
Is it really necessary to have the light on when you're in the bath? …what are you planning to do, photosynthesize?
Cough! Cough! Splutter! Cor, an exploding front door! Stone the crows, the missus will never believe this 'un.
I know what you're thinking, baby. And if I was to tell, you'd think I was talking in centimetres.
It's a potion I've invented. When the patient drinks it, he turns into an axe-wielding, homicidal maniac. It's basically a cure. For not being an axe-wielding, homicidal maniac.
I'm standing up here on this scaffolding because that's what this program is all about -- shock!
Yeah, this complete stranger came up to me, and called me smelly!
I don't think it's really smart or clever to drink actually. I want to stay in control.
Marrow... Meringue... Boomerang... Long, blue boomerang...
It's a telescope - a telescope with a mouse in it - brilliant!
Don’t look at me. I’m irrelevant.
Can you, like, actually kill yourself with laxative pills?

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