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Can you name the Arrowverse and Supergirl Characters?

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Billionaire lost at sea
Ex-armyman now bodyguard
Oliver's sister
Oliver's best friend
Oliver's mom
Tommy's father
Oliver's stepfather
Oliver's ex-girlfriend
Laurel's father
Oliver's first sidekick
Oliver's IT girl
Struck by lightning
Gets visions
Doctor who works in STAR Labs
Married to Caitlyn
Merged with Ronnie
Man who killed Barry's mother
Barry's dead parents
Barry's foster father
Killed Barry's father
Barry's girlfriend
Joe's son
Shrinks to the size of a particle
Hot assassin
Flash's most compelling villain
Snart's partner in crime
Firestorm's second body
Ancient Egyptian prince
Carter's girlfriend
Time warrior from the future
Superman's cousin
Supergirls adopted sister
DEO director
Ex-Daily Planet photographer
Kara's boss
James' ex-wife
Kara's friend/co-worker
Wally's girlfriend
God of speed
Collecter from Earth-19
Under Savitar's control

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