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Can you name the sensory branches of the trigeminal nerve?

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OriginNerveOther Info
Semilunar GanglionCN V1 via superior orbital fissure
Semilunar GanglionCN V2 via foramen rotundum
Semilunar GanglionCN V3 (also has motor) via foramen ovale
CN V1Innervates superior to the eye
CN V1Innervates lacrimal gland
CN V1Innervates the sclera and ciliary body in eye
CN V2Innervates posterior maxillary teeth
CN V2Innervates anterior maxillary teeth
OriginNerveOther Info
CN V2Traverses infraorbital foramen
Answer to 9 (previous)Innervates upper lip
CN V3Sensory innervation to cheek
CN V3General sensation (hot, cold, pain) to tongue
CN V3Only nerve of this branch that ascends from its origin
CN V3Traverses mandibular foramen and innervates mandibular teeth
Answer to 14 (previous)Traverses mental foramen and innervates chin

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