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Can you name the Final Fantasy terms?

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Insect-like Beastmen that can be found in Altepa Desert in FFXI.A
The queen of Alexandria in FFIX, and Garnet's adoptive mother.B
A character that appears with the same name and different characters and roles in each Final Fantasy game.C
A devil-like dark summon that is first introduced in FFVIII.D
A medicine that restores the traget's MP.E
The element of the summons Salamander and Belias.F
A humanoid beastman that has a punch named after it which Blue Mages can sometimes learn.G
The monster that FFVI's Strago had hunted for years. Teaches strago Grand Delta.H
A monster that appears in most Final Fantasies. Has a small body, long ears, a tail and wings. Usually has its back to the party and faces backwards.I
Sephiroth's mother?J
A trait that gives you an advantage against certain species. For example: Beast _____K
The term used for the devils that appear after a person 'uses' a zodiac stone in FFT.L
One of the mascots of the series. Usually white, with wings on its back and a red ball hanging above its head.M
A character that can change the characters' names in some games.N
A job that specializes in enfeebling magic and status affliction.O
An ability that forces the enemy to focus on a certain character. Has the same effect as Decoy.P
FFXII's Limit Break counterpart.Q
An ability that allows the character to revive him/herself after they're KO'd. Also known as Auto-Life.R
The item used to call Doomtrain in FFVIIIS
A job that casts magic in the line of haste, float and comet.T
The ability Rikku first appears with that allows her to utilize items unusable otherwise.U
One of the four fiends in FFIV. Has a wind-affinitty. (SNES name)V
A blue magic that restores the party's HP. Its power is relative to the user's HP.W
Of the potion family. Restores large amounts of HP.X
Final Fantasy X/X-2 heroine. Y
A recurring bird monster that is usually black and huge in size.Z

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