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Can you name the Final Fantasy A-Z terms?

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A type of medicine that removes poison.A
A general in FFIX that weilds the sword 'Save the Queen'B
Freya's last name. Also the name of an island in FFV.C
One of the first four warriors of dawn in FFV. Bartz's father.D
A powerful sword often associated with holy-element. The relic sword in FFXI.E
Another name for Arise. Restores all HP after revival.F
A job that requiers knowledge of the terrains and using them to your advantage.G
A magic also known as pearl. As an element, it's Maduin's for example.H
A recurring, huge, usually blue monster that has a tough armor and weilds an enormous sword.I
The character who chose to be Braska's Final Aeon in FFX.J
The ultimate summon in FFVII.K
The original name for the magic Thunder.L
Sephiroth's weapon and Auron's ultimate weapon. M
The composer of the Final Fantasy music for the majority of the series.N
A huge plant monster, usually uses its spores to afflict status and its tentacles to attack.O
A command that heals a small amount of HP without cost. Banon from FFVI and Rosa from FFIV use it.P
An undead monster that is mostly found in the Treasure of Aht Urhgan areas in FFXI. Takes double damage.Q
A noble fire fiend that confronts the party in FFIV. One of the four fiends.R
A villain in FFX that happens to be Anima's son. Has a few different forms.S
Cidolfus Orlandeau's title in FFT, which is also the translation of FFVIII's Raijin's name.T
A yeti that obeys Mog and joins your party in FFVI.U
A red-haired easy going main character from FFXIII.V
One of the three starting cities of FFXI. W
Also known as Doublecast.X
A monster that can be found in an island in FFIX. Sheeplike, extremely fast, and casts comet, it's challenging to defeat but yields great experience points.Y
Odin's usually one-hit-kill slash.Z

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