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A multi-faced, multi-armed Summon that appears in FFIV. Also the name of a katana.A
A member of Tantalus from FFIX who gets petrified in a forest.B
The famed transportation bird throughout the series.C
A magic of dark-affinity that does damage equal to a specific percentage of the target's HP.D
What summons are called in FFIX.E
A magic that helps the party avoid earth-based attacks and move over harmful terrains without taking damage.F
The four-armed swordsman that is a boss in a few games and a summon in FFVIII. Has his own theme.G
A recurring dragon/serpent that is identified by its many heads.H
The ship your party controls by the end of the story of FFIX. Can control Summons.I
The main ability of dragoons. J
A famed dragoon character that has a lance named after him in subsequent games.K
A recurring monster that has the upper body of a female human and the lower body of a snake.L
Typically, the strongest time magic spell.M
Cactuars attack with a thousand or more of these.N
Cloud's ultimate limit break in FFVII.O
A summon in FFVI that makes all characters ride him and use jump attacks. Teaches slowga and hastega. (SNES name)P
The town of werewolves in FFV.Q
FFVI's Celes's special command that absorbs the MP of magic that targets the party.R
Squall's rival in FFVIII. His special move is 'No Mercy'.S
The garden which Selphie comes from in FFVIII.T
An optional powerful boss that appears in many games in the series. Also the name of a strong weapon in FFIX and FXII.U
Yuna's first summon in FFX.V
The element of the summon Bismarck from FFVI and the magic drown in FFXI.W
One of the first four warriors of dawn in FFV. A swordsman who is good friends with Galuf.X
One of the strongest bows in the seies. The relic bow in FFXI and one of the twelve sealed weapons in FFV.Y
The final boss of FFIV which also appears as a summon in FFXII.Z

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