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What summons are called in FFX.A
A huge, purple, muscular beast that appears late in most games.B
A green creature that can be found in deserts. Can be summoned in FFVIII and the advance version of FFVI.C
A magic that absorbs the target's HP.D
The ultimate summon in FFVIII.E
A female dragoon that appears in FFIX.F
A fun place with lots of things to do, including Chocobo racing, in FFVII.G
The last name of different dragoons in the series.H
A Horse-like summon that is associated with thunder.I
Another name for Flan or Blobra.J
One of the first four warriors of dawn in FFV. A werewolf.K
One of the starting cities in FFXIVL
Celes acts as this character in the opera scene in FFVI.M
One of the most powerful staves in the series. Yuna's ultimate weapon.N
The norse God. A summon which rides Sleipner and weilds Zantetsuken.O
A magic in FFVIII that inflicts various status ailments on the target.P
The tribe of which Quina comes from in FFIX.Q
A powerful sword in some games, a summon in one game, and a spaceship in another.R
FFIX's Amarant's alternate name. Also a summon in FFT.S
The main ability of the ninja class in most games.T
A purple octopus that fights your party multiple times in FFVI. (SNES name)U
A magic that removes silence. V
An ability in FFXI that Rangers and Beastmasters use to search for and locate targets from afar.W
Also known as Banish, this magic instantly removes the target from battle if successful.X
The distance unit in FFXI.Y
A summon in FFVI that casts shell on the whole party.Z

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