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Can you name the Final Fantasy terms?

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In FFX it's Osmose, in FFXII it's Syphon, in FFXI it's...A
A dragon summon, known in FFVIII as the king of GF's.B
A recurring monster that is a mix of several animals, usually with a serpent tail.C
Movers in FFIX use this move, as well as the dream stooges in FFVI. It's also Magus Sisters' combination attack in FFX.D
A high-tech city in FFVIII, which has Laguna as its president.E
A powerful non-elemental magic in the series. Has a fire affinity in FFXI.F
Usually a flying monster in the series. A wind-elemental summon in FFXI.G
Ifrit's special move. Also Belias's in FFXII.H
The element of the summon Cyclops from FFT and the magic frost in FFXI.I
A city in FFVI in which the auction house is located.J
A powerful enemy which sometimes casts Meteor if defeated.K
Another name for the magic Scan.L
A fire elemental magic in FFVI, and one which reduces defense to 0 in FFVIII.M
The last boss in FFIX.N
An optional super boss in FFIX that has the shape of a ball.O
A wind-elemental summon that appears in FFVIIIP
Earth's answer to elemental magic.Q
In FFVI this magic reduces the MP of the target, while in FFXI, it's an earth-based damage over time spell.R
Faris's dragon friend in FFV.S
A recurring, usually green monster that carries a knife and a lantern. A summon in FFVIII.T
The ultimate magic in many games.U
This stat affects the defense of a character in most games.V
The creature that the summon Bismarck represents. Also represented by an airship in FFIV.W
The last boss of FFV. (His name in the SNES version)X
A monk character from FFIV.Y
A lucavi from FFT which also appears as a summon in FFXII.Z

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