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The villain from Final Fantasy VI.
Cecil's dragoon friend.
Shadow's loyal companion.
In Tactics, this job uses magic such as Blind (Umbra) and Sleep (Repose). Also known as Mystic.
The first half of Squall's last name. He is also known for it in Kingdom Hearts.
The song that Sephiroth is known for.
This rare medicine restores all HP and MP.
Selphie's love interest gunner.
The strongest created monster in the monster arena in the original version of Final Fantasy X.
You fight this summoner in Final Fantasy X. Brother of Maroda and Pacce.
Reno's partner.
This magic instantly KO's the target.
Third tier of the magic Thunder in most Final Fantasy games.
Her two other names are Dagger and Sarah.
MP healing medicine.
In Final Fantasy XI, this magic removes negative status from party members, similar to Esuna in other games.
What Squall, Selphie and Zell have become after clearing their test.
This flirting royalty happens to be a genius engineer as well.
Strong fire-based spell in Final Fantasy XII.
Vivi's last name.

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