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First naval battle where ships never saw each other, all aircraft1942
Last great battle in the Pacific, introduction of Kamikazes1945
60 mile march for US POW- War crime1945
Plan to give federal aid to western Europe to produce future trade1947
Put in Russia during WWII, sends the 'long telegram' Cold War
Los Alamos, created the A-Bomb
Vietnamese Communist leader
Japanese goal was to capture island close to US for future attacks1942
Secretary of Defense, did not mention Korea in speech about Communism1950
Native American, soldier that raised flag at Iwo Jima
Communist dictator of North Korea, 'could take over South Korea without intervention of the US'
Non Communist South Korean Dictator1919-1925
Minneapolis mayor, stated 'we are 172 years late on civil rights!'1948
White Southern Democrat, creates the Dixie Crats Party to respond to Hubert Humphrey
Replaced by Truman on FDR's Vice Presidential ticket
republican's choice to run against Truman, loses even with the democratic party split
Made raids to uncover reds in the US1919/1920
President- said 'you don't have to give civil rights to those that are not US citizens'
Dr. helped winning the Brown case by stating 'segregation negatively effects black children
brothers supported the Anarchists, charged with murder, sentenced to death by electric chair
Spy plane pilot, plane disappeared, possibly gave away US secrets
President of the SAG during the 'Hollywood 10' cases
famous actor- quoted saying 'I'm no Communist'1948
Tattles on Alger Hiss, ex-Communist, saw the error in his ways
American benefitted from Capitalism yet betrayed his own country. Convicted of purgury
Father of the Red Scare, conducted a series of accusations that swept the nation into a frenzy
Couple that were executed for passing atomic secrets
man stops McCarthy rampage, 'have you at last sir no sense of DECENCY!???'
Leader of Egypt during the Suez Canal CrisisSeth
Communist leader of Cuba, scared the US government because of relations with Nikita Khrushchev
tries to nationalize Itanian oil company and gets overthrown
Guatemalan president, believed the US was unfair with their fruit companies
Japan, South Vietnam, South Korea- Alliances against Communism
China's switch to Communism1949
Amphibious invasion to push Koreans into China, lead by MacArthurSeptember 1950
Truman's plan to help the postwar economy, Social security, civil rights, universal health care
favored white males, monthly allowance, low interest on loans, free tuitioncreated American Middle Class
Anyone advocating to violently overthrow the government can be arrested1940
Truman- government can dismiss anyone on reasonable grounds1947
Investigators of CommunismHouse of...

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