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Can you name the supergroup by a mixture of the members' previous band names?

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Forced Order
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Band MixtureSupergroup
Sound Against the Garden
Free King Hoople
Red Van Chili Purples
Cream Lizzy
Electric Light & the Heartbeatles
Killer El-P
Gorillaz Barkley Clash Verve
Arctic Rascals
Melvins No Slayer
Sound Jam Bone
Byrdsfallo Springhollies
The Delaney & Cream Brothers Band
Band MixtureSupergroup
The Graham Bond Yardbirds
The Smashing Tool Vandals
Yardtraffic Family
Family, Yes & Palmer
The Whitehornes
Phish Primusolice
Wasted Temple Roses
The Nice World of Arthur Crimson
Walkabout Trees in Pearl Chains
Nirvana of the Zeppelin Age
The Mayfield Creed
Radiohot Chili Becks

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