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DefinitionWordPart of Speech
implied, unspoken: Her dazzling smile was the _____ answer to his marriage proposal.
omen, intuition, 'feeling': I can't shake the _____ that the airplane will crash.
greed: The miser was motivated solely by _____, not by love.
weakening, incapacitating: This flu was a _____ illness; I could hardly walk.
a low trundle bed: Slide the _____ under the big bed.
wavering, hesitating: She kept _____ between the two cute boys - which one should she date?
disprove, invalidate: I will _____ every argument you give me for a new cell phone.
stylish, dashing ('bad boy'): His _____ air was only enhanced by the twinkle in his eye.
tendencies, inclinations: The criminal _____ of the family extended over several generations.
DefinitionWordPart of Speech
ghostly, ethereal: Halloween is a time of _____ visions.
pompously moralizing: 'The GOOD children will get a treat later,' she said in a _____ way.
braided: Her hair was _____ in two pigtails.
begged, pleaded: The criminal _____ the judge for clemency.
replaced, out of date: Photoshop 4 has been _____ by Photoshop 5.
modest, tactful: Tell her her zipper is open, but be _____ about it.
obvious, readily seen: Her love of literature was _____ when you saw her large library.
looking back on the past: 'I suppose my problems began in elementary school', he said _____.
complaining questioning: The old woman was being ____ when she kept asking why we were late.

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