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1933New York Yankees
1933St. Louis Cardinals
1934St. Louis Cardinals
1934St. Louis Cardinals
1935Philadelphia Athletics
1936Chicago Cubs
1936New York Yankees
1937New York Yankees
1939New York Yankees
1940Boston Bees
1941Pittsburgh Pirates
1941Pittsburgh Pirates
1941Boston Red Sox
1942Cleveland Indians
1942Detroit Tigers
1942Brooklyn Dodgers
1943Boston Red Sox
1943Pittsburgh Pirates
1946New York Yankees
1946Boston Red Sox
1946Boston Red Sox
1947New York Giants
1948St. Louis Cardinals
1949Pittsburgh Pirates
1950Pittsburgh Pirates
1950St. Louis Cardinals
1951St. Louis Cardinals
1951Boston Braves
1951Detroit Tigers
1951Detroit Tigers
1951Brooklyn Dodgers
1951Pittsburgh Pirates
1952Brooklyn Dodgers
1952Chicago Cubs
1954Cleveland Indians
1954Detroit Tigers
1954Cincinnati Reds
1954Cleveland Indians
1954Cincinnati Reds
1954Cleveland Indians
1955New York Yankees
1955St. Louis Cardinals
1956New York Giants
1956Boston Red Sox
1956New York Yankees
1956St. Louis Cardinals
1959 (1)Milwaukee Braves
1959 (1)Detroit Tigers
1959 (2)Boston Red Sox
1959 (2)New York Yankees
1959 (2)Cincinnati Reds
1959 (2)Los Angeles Dodgers
1959 (2)Cleveland Indians
1960 (1)Chicago Cubs
1960 (1)Milwaukee Braves
1960 (1)Detroit Tigers
1960 (2)Milwaukee Braves
1960 (2)San Francisco Giants
1960 (2)St. Louis Cardinals
1960 (2)St. Louis Cardinals
1961 (1)Minnesota Twins
1961 (1)Chicago Cubs
1961 (2)Detroit Tigers
1962 (2)Boston Red Sox
1962 (2)Los Angeles Angels
1962 (2)Detroit Tigers
1962 (2)Los Angeles Dodgers
1964Chicago Cubs
1964St. Louis Cardinals
1964Philadelphia Phillies
1965San Francisco Giants
1965Milwaukee Braves
1965Pittsburgh Pirates
1965Detroit Tigers
1965Minnesota Twins
1967Philadelphia Phillies
1967Baltimore Orioles
1967Cincinnati Reds
1969Cincinnati Reds
1969Washington Senators
1969San Francisco Giants
1969Detroit Tigers
1969San Francisco Giants
1970San Francisco Giants
1971Cincinnati Reds
1971Atlanta Braves
1971Oakland Athletics
1971Baltimore Orioles
1971Minnesota Twins
1971Pittsburgh Pirates
1972Atlanta Braves
1972Kansas City Royals
1973Cincinnati Reds
1973San Francisco Giants
1973Los Angeles Dodgers
1974St. Louis Cardinals
1975Los Angeles Dodgers
1975Los Angeles Dodgers
1975Boston Red Sox
1976Cincinnati Reds
1976Boston Red Sox
1976Houston Astros
1977Cincinnati Reds
1977Philadelphia Phillies
1977Los Angeles Dodgers
1977Boston Red Sox
1979Boston Red Sox
1979New York Mets
1980Boston Red Sox
1980Cincinnati Reds
1981Baltimore Orioles
1981Montreal Expos
1981Pittsburgh Pirates
1981Montreal Expos
1981Philadelphia Phillies
1982Cincinnati Reds
1983Boston Red Sox
1983California Angels
1984Kansas City Royals
1984Montreal Expos
1984Atlanta Braves
1986Detroit Tigers
1986Kansas City Royals
1988Oakland Athletics
1989Kansas City Royals
1989Boston Red Sox
1991Baltimore Orioles
1991Chicago Cubs
1992Seattle Mariners
1992Texas Rangers
1992San Francisco Giants
1993Florida Marlins
1993Minnesota Twins
1993Toronto Blue Jays
1994Montreal Expos
1994Atlanta Braves
1995Chicago White Sox
1995Houston Astros
1995Los Angeles Dodgers
1995Florida Marlins
1996Los Angeles Dodgers
1996San Diego Padres
1997Seattle Mariners
1997Atlanta Braves
1997Cleveland Indians
1998Seattle Mariners
1998San Francisco Giants
1998Baltimore Orioles
2000Atlanta Braves
2001Baltimore Orioles
2001New York Yankees
2001Chicago White Sox
2002San Francisco Giants
2002New York Yankees
2003Colorado Rockies
2003Anaheim Angels
2003Atlanta Braves
2003New York Yankees
2003Texas Rangers
2004Boston Red Sox
2004Texas Rangers
2004Boston Red Sox
2005Baltimore Orioles
2005Atlanta Braves
2005Texas Rangers
2006Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim
2006New York Mets
2007Seattle Mariners
2007Tampa Bay Devil Rays
2007Cleveland Indians
2007Chicago Cubs
2008Colorado Rockies
2008Boston Red Sox
2011Boston Red Sox
2011Milwaukee Brewers
2012San Francisco Giants
2014Detroit Tigers
2015Los Angeles Angels
2015Pittsburgh Pirates
2015Minnesota Twins
2016Chicago Cubs
2016Kansas City Royals
2016Kansas City Royals
2017St. Louis Cardinals
2017Seattle Mariners
2018New York Yankees
2018Los Angeles Angels
2018Chicago Cubs
2018Colorado Rockies
2018Seattle Mariners
2018Milwaukee Brewers
2018Cincinnati Reds
2018Houston Astros
2018Houston Astros
2018Cincinnati Reds

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