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Who are the two main speaking characters besides T-Rex?
What species are T-Rex's ultra-creepy neighbours?
What is the name of T-Rex's tiny elephant friend?
What is his occupation?
What is the correct term for T-Rex's tiny arms?
A wizard has turned you into a whale. Is this awesome?
What does T-Rex try to rename Utahraptor?
What is the only name change T-Rex would accept?
What is the devil's passion?
With whom does T-Rex consult upon matters of Grammar or other English functions?
What 2 things is T-Rex perennially stomping?
What is the defining feature of alternate reality T-Rex?
Mr Tusk's boat is sinking. How much trouble is he in?
How does T-Rex react to sickness?
What did T-Rex leave behind on the moon?
Who is the creator of Dinosaur Comics?
What font feature does God utilise?
'Meanwhile, back in _____ ________'

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