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Graham and Olly, Olly and Graham, One is _ _____ ...
... The other's ______!
What is the name of Olly's signature hair salon?
What is the principal timekeeper in Olly & Graham land?
Name the Olly & Graham Land enforcer
Where does Olly go for work experience week?
What is Conor and Mullan's favourite non(?)competitive pasttime?
What is the name of the Exchange Student?
'Give me __ ____'
What was the name of Olly's genius pre-school professor?
What is Lynch's terrible secret?
What is Graham's favourite TV show?
What is Graham's Christmas present to Olly?
What cereal mascot does Olly dress up as to partake in the PGA tour?
What is the name of the Knight that carries Lance?
What song plays whenever Mullan thinks of Irish Dancing?
What song is playing when Mullan is disguised as a strange new student?
What is the gang's favourite video game?
What is the illicit product that Olly buys from Shady Robbie?
What does Graham buy?
Who runs the local bar?
What is Francois' musical instrument of choice, of which he is a master?
What MTV show inspires an entire episode of The Olly & Graham show?
What is the name of Olly's invented hugely popular sport?
Who wins the armwrestling tournament?
What are Shady Robbie and Granite Man doing during the big concert?
Name the band consisting of Graham and Olly
Name the band consisting of Conor, Bell, Fran and Mullan
What exam do the gang end up accidentally sitting instead of the History one?
With which X-Men character does Graham have an ominous run-in at Hallowe'en?
Who teaches Graham how to drive?
Who ends up with the coveted 'Speaker #4' spot during Assembly?
Debbie's not just sad, she's _____
Who does Graham punch on live tv?
'Olly & Graham Go To The _____'
Who is the Little Mermaid rip-off who is so mean to Debbie the Mermaid?
What was The Substitute's name?
What 80's hit appears more than any other in The Olly & Graham show?
'Kiss Me, I'm ____-____'
What is the name of Olly's CD of generic 90's Pop hits?
What instrument to Fran modify into a time-travelling machine?
What group has Cormack as their fabulous leader?
What is the name of the Unicorn?
What disgusting character makes his appearance during Lent?
What is the name of Conor & Mullan's (fictional) favourite band?
Who is their lead singer?
Who perform announcing duties during the Ollyball tournament?
What song is Olly caught on video singing naked, signalling the death of 'Rejects TM'?
Which Olly & Graham character lives in a cave on the grounds of the school?
Where do Conor and Mullan go for work experience week?
What item is Graham never without on a sunny day?
With whom is Olly 'cheating' on the gang with in the episode 'Olly's New Friend'?
Surprisingly, who is the only Olly and Graham character who uses Projection as a means of communication?
Who is the resident concert MC?
What is the name of the show that Olly co-produces with Tiger Woods?
'The ______ Incident'
Who usually speaks the line after the 'cut-to-black' at the end of the show?
To date, who are the two exceptions to this?
What does Mullan give Conor for Christmas?
What does Conor give Mullan?
Which character's crappy present giving earns him a minor-chord walking away version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?
What event is the last audition for the Assembly?
In which episode does Fran teach Projector to speak?
'Olly ___ _ _____'
To everyone's surprise, Olly is amazing at this challenging game/sport
Which powerful villain does Graham inadvertently anger?
Who eventually makes the front page of the Yearbook?
What feminine cologne does Mullan accidentally reveal to be his favourite?
Which Hollywood A-Lister receives acting lessons from Olly?
Where do the gang end up stuck for an entire day in 'Quarantine'?
What is the creepiest trait of the Study Hall Zombies?
What song is Olly's 'Driving Song?'
'Le Programme D'Oliver __ __ ______'
Who is Olly's chinese Penpal?
What organisation does Olly mistakenly believe is the Canadian army?
Which character dies during Iraqi Massacre?
What structure did the kids build to get rid of Little Graham?
As which sporting implement does Shady Robbie use Granite Man to scare normal people for laughs?
What is the name of the soulful ballad that Lance sings for Projector?
What is 'the only song about gardening in the world'?
What song does Graham 're-imagnine as a folksy Irish ballad'?
Eggs & Steak (___ ____ ___ ____)
Who do the gang finally use to get rid of the Substitute?
'Have _ ____ ____ ___ Graham, like!'
What instrument serves as a physical reminder of the pressure of time as Olly is stuck in the tree?
What is Olly's one line when he gets his TV break in 'Welcome to Ollyweird'?
'School at night __ ______ ___ ______'
'No Olly, I don't care how good it sounds, ____ is just not a word!'
What was Mullan's profession back in 'Nam?
At whose house is the Hallowe'en party held?
The 'Bass' that Graham gives Olly is really 4 elastic bands stretched over a strip of...?
Which costume sparks the line 'Well one of us is going to have to change'?
'...and an extra strong Ribena...And ___ ___ ____ ___!'
What is the name of the TV that Projector unsuccessfully auditions for?
What is the name for a winning move in Ollyball?
What is the name of the very first trick performed by Olly in 'Rejects TM'?
What does Mullan do for the duration of Lent?
Mallard and _____
Who presents Olly with the Greatest Assembly Ever medal?
What is Olly's cut-to-black voiceover in responce to his appearance?

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