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Can you name the different aspects of the Back to the Future films??

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Main character's name?
Played by?
Wacky scientist's name?
Played by?
Protagonist's father's name?
Protagonist's mother's name?
Protagonist's brother's name?
Protagonist's sister's name?
Protagonist's girlfriend's name?
Primary antagonist's name?
Principle of high school's name?
Film's location?
Device that makes time travel possible?
Type of car that houses the device?
Speed the car needs to be travelling for time-travel to take place?
Number of jiggawatts required for time-travel?
Name of the mall before protagonist travelled back the first time?
Plutonium obtained from?
Year the film is set?
Year protagonist first travels back to?
Pseudonym used by protagonist in this year?
Antagonist claims he hates what after his car crashes into a truck full of it?
Name of the ball that protagonist's parents meet at?
Name of 'alien' that visits protagonist's father?
Where's this 'alien' supposedly from?
Song that band are playing before guitarist breaks his hand?
Song protagonist 'wows' the audience with?
''Chuck, its me, Marvin Berry. You know that new sound you're looking for.....''
Year in the future protagonist travels into?
Song playing as protagonist enters 1980's themed bar?
Popular mode of transportation for teenagers this year?
Book protagonist purchases in the future?
Year before 1900 protagonist travels into?
Pseudonym protagonist uses in that year?
Antagonist in that year?
Love interest of wacky scientist?
Irish relative of protagonist?
Scientist's dog's name (in 1985)?
Scientist's dog's name (in the past)?
Mayor of the town's name?

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