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Can you name the the person being described in the unusual Bible story?

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The storyName(s)
She drove a tent spike through a kings head
This guy was killed because his long hair got caught in a tree
This guy was raised from the dead after he fell out of a window when he fell asleep during Paul's sermon.
This judge stabbed a fat king and put the sword in so deep the kings fat enclosed over it.
This guy raped his sister tamar
This prophet was fed by ravens, and never died, He went to heaven in a chariot of fire.
This prophet was swallowed by a large fish, when he was thrown overboard from the ship on which he was sailing.
This prophet was told to go marry an adulterous wife
The storyName(s)
This prophet called down a curse on a group of youths who made fun of his baldness. Two bears came out of the woods and mauled the youth.
This woman was thrown out a window, and dogs ate her.
This sorcerer wanted to buy the gift of the Holy Spirit.
This man was honored by the very man that wanted to kill him by hanging him.
This prophet had a donkey talk to him
These men did not burn nor did their clothes catch on fire when thrown into a furnace, but the guards who threw them in died.
The names of the couple who lied to Holy Spirit and were struck down dead 3 hours apart
This man offered his daughters to a gang of gay men who wanted to rape this man's guests.

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