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Can you name the person/character in each matchup you think would win in a fight?

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* Type only 'Hogan' for Hulk Hogan.**From Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
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1. Superman 
8. Flash 
Bad Asses
1. Chuck Norris 
8. Rambo 
Bad Ass Women
1. Sarah Conner 
8. Aeon Flux 
Actual Fighters
1. Muhammad Ali 
8. Hulk Hogan* 
4. Wolverine 
5. Hulk 
Bad Asses
4. Neo 
5. James Bond 
Bad Ass Women
4. Lara Croft 
5. Mystique 
Actual Fighters
4. Joe Louis 
5. Jackie Chan 
3. Batman 
6. Wonder Woman 
Bad Asses
3. Jason Bourne 
6. John McClane 
Bad Ass Women
3. Ellen Ripley 
6. Yu Shu-lien** 
Actual Fighters
3. Bruce Lee 
6. Rocky Marciano 
2. Spiderman 
7. Iron Man 
Bad Asses
2. Jack Bauer 
7. Indiana Jones 
Bad Ass Women
2. The Bride 
7. Princess Leia 
Actual Fighters
2. Jet Li 
7. John Cena 

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