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Quick HintMovieQuirk
A - Miami Sharks
B - Crash Davis
C - Practicing in the Bathtub
D - He put on special tires.
E - Black Sox Scandal
F - Cheerleading Comedy
G - President Taft screwed up his game.
H - Starring the king of the 3's
I - Win the World Cup...
Quick HintMovieQuirk
J - Show me the answer!!!
K - Rubberman
L - The Twins get a new Owner/Manager
M - 1980 Lake Placid
N - Kathy Ireland gets her kicks
O - Basketball adaptation of 'Othello'
P - Preparation for the 1976 Games - Running
Q - Stretching the term SPORT a bit with chess here
R - 'Strong Side!'
Quick HintMovieQuirk
S - Big Red
T - It's Better than Clank
U - Have to have some MMA here someplace
V - Whipped Cream Bikini
W - Plane Crash
X - Stretching a bit for extreme sports...
Y - Fighting with Sticks?
Z - Rule 39 - Tallahassee wants zombie killing to be a sport

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