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Can you name the Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close?

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Wants to beat up...
Where Thomas goes to collect magazines
True identity of the renter
Geographic location of first Black visited
Oskar gives Mr. Black a...
Family business
Main Protagonist
Oskar's favorite instrument
Writes back to Oskar at end of novel
Name of Oskar's pet
Oskar makes his mom a...
Where the grandparents are from
Oskar's friends: Toothpaste & the
Band Oskar loves
Lives in the narrowest house in NYC
Oskar's therapist
How many phone messages were there
Color Oskar wears
Thomas's Schell's love
Where Oskar finds the key
Restaurant where dad last ate
Scientist Oskar loves
Location where grandparents first re-met
Oskar's grandfather originally was a...

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