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Year Of ReleaseMovie TitleNotes
1942Gary Cooper
1948William Bendix
1949James Stewart
1950Docu-drama, Ruby Dee
1951Paul Douglas
1957Anthony Perkins
1958Gwen Verdon
1962Mantle & Maris
1973Robert DeNiro
1976Richard Pryor, Billy Dee Williams
1976Walter Matthau
1977Sequel, William Devane
1978Sequel, Tony Curtis
1984Robert Redford
1985Michael O'Keefe
1988 Kevin Costner
1988Mark Harmon
1988Charlie Sheen, John Cusack
1989Kevin Costner
1989Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes
1991Edward James Olmos
1992 John Goodman
Year Of ReleaseMovie TitleNotes
1992Madonna, Tom Hanks
1992Tom Selleck
1993Thomas Ian Nicholas
1993Kids playing ball.
1994Remake, Danny Glover
1994Tommy Lee Jones
1994Luke Edward, Jason Robards
1994Sequel, Tom Berenger
1994Brendon Frasor
1996Matt LaBlanc
1996HBO, Negro Leagues
1997Robert DeNiro
1998Sequel, Pedro Cerrano
2000Sequel, Patrick Warburton
2000Kevin Costner
2001HBO Maris & Mantle
2001Showtime, Ossie Davis, Ernie Banks
2001Keanu Reeves
2001Freddie Prinz Jr
2002A Dog
2002A Play
2002Dennis Quaid
Year Of ReleaseMovie TitleNotes
2003 Harry Connick Jr
2004ESPN Movie, Pete Rose
2004Bernie Mac
2004Matthew Modine
2005Remake, Billy Bob Thornton
2005Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore
2005Micheal Keaton
2005Drew Johnson
2005Sequel, Kids Playing Ball Again
2006Rob Schneider
2007ESPN Mini Series, New York Yankees
2007Sequel, Kids Playing Ball Yet Another Time
2008Sean Astin
2008HBO, Latin Ballplayer Coming To The State
2010Steve Zahn
2011Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, wow!!!
2012Clint Eastwood
2013Harrison Ford

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