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What are only needed in small amounts?
How many types of carbohydrates are there?
What organic compounds are made of amino acids?
Sugars, starches, cellulose, and lignin make up what?
What can be dissolved in fat?
What can be dissolved in water?
Is all protein in feed digestable?
What is chemically composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen?
Can animals live longer without food or water?
What is one necessary trace mineral?
What is on the bag of feed at the store to show how much fiber is in the feed you get?
What are inorganic materials needed in various amounts by animals?
What is used for many chemical reactions in an animals body?
There are many different outcomes of __________.
Are fats easy to digest?
What supports material to build up the body?
What causes bones and teeth not to form properly in young pigs?
What is the amount true protein in the feed?
What are some ingrediants found in feed?
What amounts are major minerals needed in?
Name an example of pasture plants that contain fiber.
How do ruminants usually meet their needs?
Vitamins are what kind of organic compounds?
Can the crude protein contain materials that aren't true proteins?
The weight of the feed with the moisture content removed is called what?
What regulates many of the vital chemical processes of the body?
The urea is a synthetic __________.
What powers muscular movements and produces body heat?
What aids muscle activites, reproduction, digestion of feed, repair of body tissues, formation of new tissue, and release of energy for the body?
Can water control the temperature of an animals body?

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