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Forced Order
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Special Beam Cannon though the chest
Special Beam Cannon though the chest
Killed by Z Fighters
Exploded by Saibamen
Self-Destructs on Nappa
Suicides with Spirit Tri Beam
Protects Gohan from Nappa
Dies when Piccolo dies
Betrayed by Vegeta
Dirty Fireworks
Shot by Frieza/Dodoria
Blasted by Vegeta
Killed when Vegeta broke out of Healing Pod
Shot through the stomach by Vegeta
Decapitated by Vegeta
Blasted by Vegeta
Neck stomped by Vegeta
Blasted by Vegeta
Shot by Frieza
Shot through the heart by Frieza
Old Age
Blown up by Frieza
Sliced and Blasted by Trunks
Blasted by Trunks
Big Bang Attack
Massacred by 17
Absorbed by Cell
Skull Crushed by Cell
Killed 7 times by Gohan
Blown up by Cell
Blown up by Cell
Shot through the chest by Cell
Father-Son Kamehameha
Killed by Trunks in his future
Killed by Trunks in his future
Heat Dome Attack
Exploded by Babidi
Killed by Pui Pui
Blasted by Dabura
Killed by Vegeta
Exploded by Goku
Turned into a Cookie
Suicide Bombs Buu
Decapitated by Buu
Human Extinction Attack
Turned into food by Super Buu
Gave his life to Goku
Planet Burst
Spirit Bomb

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