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Which is only US state that grows its own coffee beans?
The painting of the Mona Lisa famously lacks which facial features?
Odotophobia is the fear of what?
What plant does the Colorado Beetle attack?
Who sailed in the Golden Hind?
Which letter represents ten in Roman numerals?
In which year did the Berlin Wall fall?
What is the name of the longest lake in England?
What group of animals are called a Cete?
Tchaikovsky died of which disease?
Who won the 1966 FIFA World Cup?
Who wrote the music for the film E.T
What colour is Octopus blood?
What does a Nephologist study?
An army is the collective noun for which species of Amphibian?
Which US state has no motto?
Who is Dumbella?
How many legs does a Bombay Duck have?
Who is the Roman Goddess of land?
Who live at 742 Evergreen Terrace?
CAM, C4 and C3 are all types of what?
For what does the computing acronym RAM stand for?
What is the capital of Ecuador?
Who wrote the song 'Three Little Bird'?
Rubella is more commonly known as what?
Who wrote the novel 'A Catcher In The Rye'?
How many moons does Mars have?
Beaded, forked and ribboned are all types of what?
Mt Erebus can be found on which continent?
What is the real first name of explorer Bear Grylls?

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