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General region of Middle-Earth, west of the mountains and east of the sea, where all the action takes place
Mountains forming the eastern boundary of this region
Home of the Green-elves, called in Westron the 'land of seven rivers'
Area ruled by the eldest son of Fëanor, and named after him
Region north of this area, once green and beautiful, ruined in the Dagor Bragollach
Land of pine forests ruled by the House of Bëor, as it was known before it was made evil
This land after the Edain were driven out and it was overrun by Orcs
The mountains forming the southern border of this land
Land enclosed by the Ered Wethrin and the Ered Lómin, in the north-west
One part of this land, ruled by the House of Hador
Land between the mountains and lake of the same name, where Dagor-nuin-Giliath was fought and Fingolfin settled
Marshy area between the Ered Lómin and the sea
Underground kingdom established by Finrod Felagund, sacked by Glaurung
Realm of Thingol, protected by the power of Melian
Forest to the west of this realm, home of the Haladin
Mountains of the Echoriath, where Eagles nested
The hidden kingdom of Turgon, within the Encircling Mountains
Island in the great bay of the same name, where the Elves of the Falas took refuge; originally part of Tol Eressëa
City where King Thingol had his court
Delta of one of the major rivers, emptying into the great bay
House of Mîm the petty-dwarf, where Túrin and his companions stayed
Area on the shores of the great bay, where were the Birchwoods of Nimbrethil
Capital of Fëanor's eldest son; one of the few surviving remnants of the area into the Second Age
Mountain raised above the fortress of Morgoth
Morgoth's underground fortress
Island in one of the major rivers, north-west of the Echoriath, held by Sauron until he was evicted by Lúthien
Major river forming the western border of the land of the Green-elves
The other major river, running through the west of the region
River by which Beren walked when he first saw Lúthien
Great southern forest, called in Westron the 'forest between rivers'

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